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"Thorough, reliable, creative, professional, and fiendishly well-organised so things Get Done!"

Marion Hewitt, Director, North West Film Archive

Corporate Film Production

Artnoire Creative Services - Preston and Its Guild 1902 - 1992

Factual Programming

With a solid background in journalism, we specialise in factual programming working with all the major UK broadcasters as well as producing independent documentaries.

Artnoire Creative Services -  Liverpool 800

We work closely with the North West Film Archive, the body, based in Manchester, which cares for over 38,000 items from the pioneer days of film in the mid-1890s to video production of the present day.

Artnoire Creative Services - World War 1

Our latest film project marks the centenary of World War One. In this documentary scripted and produced by ARTNOIRE, the North West Film Archive opens its vaults to share compelling footage of life on the home front in North West England.


Preston and its Guild - 1902 to 1992

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Artnoire Creative Services - The First World War

Click on the image to see a trailer for ‘The First World War – Life on the Home Front in North West England’.